Gabinety Rozwoju – the team of health professionals – psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. A modern medical facility located in Krakow, Fieldorfa Nila 14 Street.

How do we help?

index 05 EnglishBasing on the experience and knowledge we can help our patients using the newest therapeutic standards. During diagnostic procedure we are choosing the best form of available treatment. We are dealing with very fragile area of health therefore we ensure our patients with comfort and sense of security. In our office you can count on discreetness, quiet atmosphere and professionalism.

Pharmacotherapy, in other words – medication, is a primary method in the treatment of mental disorders. Pills restore chemical balance of the brain, thus eliminate or minimize symptoms. Pharmacotherapy is supervised by the psychiatrist. The second, primary method of mental disorders treatment is psychotherapy. During this process patient is able to understand the origins of his symptoms, problems and difficulties and make a change. Psychotherapy is a way to self-development and self-awareness.

We help adults and children with their emotional and personality problems as well as various disturbing symptoms connected with mental health. In Gabinety Rozwoju we offer consultations in the field of psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy. To comprehensively address the mental health problems our patients can also be consulted by neurologist, neuropsychologist, sexologist and nutritionist.

All information shared by our patients during consultations and sessions is confidential.


The cost of a first consultation is 180 polish zloty. We offer 10% of a discount for students (with valid students ID).

Please call or email us to schedule a consultation.
lek. med. Joanna Ślusarczyk
Tel. 509 010 961
E-mail: drjoannajustyna@gmail.com


Hours of operation

Monday – Friday, from 8.00 till 21.00


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